Beer Drinkers and Dog Lovers Unite


If you like to drink good beer and take your dog along I highly recommend the Diamond Knot Tap Room in Mukilteo, WA. This is not to be confused with their restaurant that they have down by the Mukilteo Lighthouse.

We first learned about the Tap Room while living a little less than a mile from it. It’s hard to miss at first as it’s in a row of warehouses a little off the beaten path, but once you find it you never forget. We had been drinking down at the Diamond Knot for years but when we learned that the tap room allowed dogs (and kids for that matter) we were all over it.

It’s only open Friday and Saturdays 3-8pm. Fridays are usually super packed with the after work crowd showing up so we tend to go on Saturdays when there are fewer people. The only offer two things beer and root beer (they make their own). There is no food so I usually pack a few snacks in my tote bag if I know we are going to be there awhile.

Everyone is laid back there and I’ve never gone when there has not been a dog so don’t feel like you bringing your dog will be unusual to them. So if you are in the area and have your dog with you, stop on by. If you don’t have your dog with you, stop on by. 🙂

Diamond Knot Tap Room

4602 Chennault Beach Rd
Mukilteo, WA 98275